“I want to thank the people responsible for holding the SDS Masterclass training, and urge you to book yourself in for one of the future programs.

My feedback on the course:

  • Well-presented content, and plenty of opportunities for group discussion to cover practical application of the knowledge.
  • Whilst there are similarities to previous training such as “BDA Eco-Design Smart” course (that was way back in 2009 for me), you realise that design strategies have changed since then. What worked then, in terms of delivering maximum sustainable outcome for minimum $, in some cases has been superseded now (cost of PV, better understanding of condensation issues, new building materials available in the market etc.). The course material is right up to date in this regard.
  • An unexpected bonus was the contribution of other attendees who came from various backgrounds. There were building designers, architects, thermal performance assessors as well as a couple of builders in the class, and all were eager to share their knowledge and experience.

Really pleased I attended. Gave me that boost of motivation that you need sometimes. Thanks for your efforts.

I give it 10 out of 10. Nah, make that 11.”

Michael Sandel, Plan Source

“The SDS Masterclass provided me with the solutions to many of the questions I had on sustainability in design prior to attending. I feel as though I now have a real grasp of the principles of sustainability and how to implement those principles in my future designs. For me, it was a worthwhile exercise & expense, & an investment into my business moving forward. Staying abreast of the ever evolving education in this industry is a must, because sooner or later we find ourselves ‘behind the times’ if we don’t keep ourselves up to date. This Masterclass is one of those opportunities. Highly recommended.” Daniel Briffa, Adan Creative Designs

“The Masterclass was amazing. Dicks knowledge on all aspects of sustainability is 2nd to none. The learning curve over the 4 days was easily manageable. Amazingly enough we all already know a lot of the material discussed. The master class just takes this information to the next level. The open discussions were a great opportunity to become involved in the class and not sit back and just listen. The modules presented were equally valuable to understand. Our individual challenge now is to educate all our prospective clients and the builders we deal with. I would highly recommend this class to every member of the BDA.” Sally Gardner, Sally Gardner Design and Draft

“Very informative and very well worth every cent! Thank you for a great class and very pleased the ARB recognises this course as valuable CPD points for architects.” Roderick McDonald, Chateau Homes

“Very good presentation and discussion as usual.” Ueli Schmied, Ueli Schmied Design and Renovation

“Great that the SDS masterclass did not just focus on the technical (which they did well) but also on how to sell sustainable design to clients. A designer can have all the sustainable knowledge, but it does not make a practical difference unless they can convince their clients of the benefit of incorporating such aspects into their build.” Kirstie Wulf, Shelter Building Design

“A good course and worth taking the time off for. I gained some knowledge and now feel more confident in discussing sustainability options with clients.” Daniel Chapman, Sydney Home Designs

“I found the course extremely informative and beneficial. The content was relevant and covered all aspects of sustainability. It was great that we covered ways to engage clients to come along on the journey and looked at the triggers that help with client uptake of sustainable principles. I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to specialise in this ever growing sector.” Craig Farrugia,Craig Farrugia Building Design

“The content was insightful and thorough. We had a great trainer who kept it interesting and engaging, and added a sprinkle of fun on the side. We also had a fantastic group who were open and added value by sharing their ideas and experiences. Like the previous masterclass, in addition to designers and architects we had two energy assessors and two experienced builders who shared their practical ‘hands on’ experience which was also invaluable. I’ve come away feeling more empowered to help clients make better choices, as well as more informed about improvements I can make for my own family’s quality of life. Hats off to all those involved in bringing the training to us, and also to the people I attended the course with who shared their knowledge. Thank you!” Neche Page

“I’ve come away from the class with tools and resources I can use immediately, and plenty to cogitate on in the longer term. The trainer was David Bennett – clearly an expert in his own right, he also had a great way of accessing the collective knowledge of the room, so winners all round.” Annaleisa Hampshire

“Well worth while and worth the dollar investment. Has increased my understanding and has spelt out the opportunity we have to pass on the knowledge gained to our Clients and Builders.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed the SDS masterclass. Dave is an amazing teacher very engaging and has so much knowledge.”

“SDS masterclass was an extremely informative and interactive course that really gave an excellent base to build further experience in the industry from.”

“What a great course for open minded constructive discussions. The course has empowered myself and my future clients a clearer understanding of choices to be made towards a more liveable single planet. In fact, in more senses of life than just the built form :)”

“Overall I have increased my knowledge of principles for a energy efficient, low cost home. Thank you!”

“Totally enjoyed the experience, David made the classes interesting and topical and everyone in the class was involved in the discussions. It was better participating then just listening.”

“Awesome class from David who presented to the people you had participating, all in all a great learning tool and refresher course.”

“David Bennett is a great presenter and was able to interact well with those undertaking the course.”

“Brilliant lecturer that engaged the whole class in discussion that contributed excellent hands on knowledge.”

“I was surprised there was nothing on roof top gardens.”

“The pricing of the Master class was right, the delivery was excellent and the experience was rewarding.”